Episcopal Homes

Saint Paul, MN

  • 168 senior housing units
  • Seven-story, post-tension concrete-engineered building




Products Used

  • Wirsbo hePEX™ for hydronic piping
  • Uponor AquaPEX® for plumbing
  • ProPEX® Fittings

"Uponor helped us stay on budget and on schedule while meeting the healthcare needs of the project."

Dean Kirchoff

Lead mechanical project manager, R.T. Moore

Uponor PEX meets demands, streamlines project

To meet healthcare hygiene and system performance requirements while also considering the strict budget and tight production schedule, mechanical contractor R.T. Moore chose Uponor PEX for the risers, mains and in-unit piping for both the domestic water and hydronic hot-water heating distribution systems. They also used Uponor’s PEX-a Pipe Support to meet the necessary plenum rating and allow for increased hanger spacing for faster installs. Once product arrived on the job site, Dean Corrigan, principal at Uponor rep firm Fourmation Sales, provided training and certification of the crew to get installers up to speed quickly.

Dean Kirchoff, lead mechanical project manager for R.T. Moore, said Uponor PEX provided corrosion resistance and system performance to meet healthcare hygiene standards while also helping them stay on budget with labor and material savings. “Compared to copper piping ystems, Uponor PEX features lower material costs, labor savings, similar hanger spacing, and a more reliable fitting system,” he said. “Also, the pipe can be joined without the use of glues, solvents, flux, solder or open flame.” He added that using Uponor and PEX allowed them the flexibility to route the lines and minimize conflicts with other trades.

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