Multifamily and hospitality hydronic piping solutions

Using Uponor PEX and PP-RCT total polymer piping solutions is a durable, cost-effective method for transporting chilled water and heating hot-water in multifamily and hospitality applications. Whether the terminal unit is a reheat coil, fan coil, baseboard radiator, heat pump or chilled beam, Uponor PEX and PP-RCT polymer piping systems are the reliable, corrosion-resistant solution.


Product offerings

Oxygen-barrier Wirsbo hePEX™ pipe is available in sizes up to 4" with a comprehensive offering of ProPEX® fittings, valves, transitions and pipe supports. Uponor also offers PP-RCT pipe and fittings in sizes up to 24" for any mechanical room or distribution piping application for a durable, high-performing hydronic piping solution.In addition to these products, Uponor Construction Services and Value Added Solutions provide teams of experts to help you at any phase of construction