Applewood Pointe

Eden Prairie, MN

  • 100-unit multifamily complex
  • Units feature 25 different configurations

Guess Work



Products Used

  • Uponor AquaPEX® pipe
  • ProPEX® fittings
  • Construction Services
  • Kitting Solutions

"Uponor delivers the kits as we need them on the project, one zone at a time. The kits contain what we need where we need it, so there’s no one running to me, saying, Hey, we are out of half-inch tees."

Pete Erny, Plumbing foreman

Major Mechanical

Plumbing foreman Pete Erny of Major Mechanical in Maple Grove, Minn., worked with Uponor Construction Services and used Uponor Kitting Solutions to streamline the rough-in plumbing work for the 100-unit Applewood Pointe complex in Eden Prairie, Minn. Uponor Kitting Solutions takes the guesswork out of rough-in installs, providing individual bags of piping fittings for each unit along with a material list and an isometric layout for the contractor to follow, minimizing mistakes and maximizing efficiency

“Uponor Kitting Solutions takes the thinking out of the rough-in install process,” says Erny. “Putting all the essential piping-connection components in a single kit for a single unit gives installers a clear direction.” Because Uponor ships each bag to the job site with a 3D isometric drawing, it reduces the amount of “explaining” for a plumbing foreman, especially with less-experienced installers. “I just hand the mechanic the bag with the fittings and the drawing, and say ‘Follow the diagram.’ All by itself, that speeds up the install process.” According to plumber Jared Hudalla, who worked on a similar, previous project, they were completing rough-ins for five to six apartments daily, but at Applewood Pointe, “We have been able to jump it another two to three units with Uponor Kitting Solutions.”

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